Project: Memmingen Airport

July 7, 2020

The intelligent light is coming. Just in time for the reopening of Memmingen Airport, the entire passenger area shines in a new light.

The airport has made the best use of the flightless period caused by the corona crisis: SchahlLED has planned, installed and commissioned a new lighting system with intelligent light control during this period, helping the airport to reduce energy costs and cut CO2 emissions. Optimal use of daylight results in energy cost savings of well over 70%. As usual, the amortisation of the intelligent lighting is quickly achieved. The investment has already paid for itself after about one year. In addition, the expected service life of the lighting system is much longer than that of conventional LED systems - which is also good for the wallet and the environment in the long term.‍

The waiting area of Memmingen Airport.

Data at a glanse:

Reductions / amortisation

CO2-emissions p.a. (kg)

> 70%

Electricity consumption p.a.

> 70%

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Payback period

approx. 1 year

Reductions / amortisation