Alleen volledig licht als het nodig is

Enorm besparingspotentieel door intelligente besturing.

Direct advantages of our intelligent digital LED systems

Integrated sensor technology

Each luminaire has a sensor-based control system that regulates the output according to daylight and presence.

Internet of Things

Important operating and consumption data are transmitted wireless by radio and made available for evaluation and optimisation via your software.

Analysis 24/7

In the SchahlLED Control Centre, you can analyse this data on your computer or smartphone, make lighting settings and control additional functions.


Access to the luminaires by radio makes it very easy to assign and adjust them without installing control cables.


it is also possible to integrate emergency lighting and air quality measurement, including humidity, temperature and CO2 sensors.

The luminaire

The basis of every SchahlLED lighting system are high-quality luminaires designed for your specific needs.

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