Heavenly lighting solution for Airbus

September 23, 2020

Successful project with Airbus: Saving over 70% in energy costs

After a long market research, Airbus decided in favor of our company. After the examination by the Airbus maintenance department, it was soon clear that they would choose the best lighting solution on the market: that of SchahlLED. An additional plus point was that, in addition to the product-specific requirements, we also meet the requirements for Industry 4.0. After comprehensive planning, calculation and visualization of the project, we decided to install motion sensors, which dim the light linearly - as long as no movement is detected.But besides the motion sensors, the strength of the sunlight also plays an important role here. On a bright summer day, far less light is needed than on a rainy day in autumn. The lamp therefore automatically adjusts its intensity and power to the lighting conditions and „communicates“ wirelessly with the others. Even the installation of the lamps had its advantages, because work in the hall did not have to be paused for this.

In the course of our satisfaction survey, four points were particularly emphasized: 

- Working conditions have improved significantly due to better lighting

- The illuminance has increased by 60%...

- ... although over 70% of the electricity costs are saved

- In less than two years the investment in an intelligent lighting solution will have paid off

The waiting area of Memmingen Airport.

Data at a glanse:

Reductions / amortisation

CO2-emissions p.a. (kg)

> 70%

Electricity consumption p.a.

> 70%

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Payback period

approx. 1 year

Reductions / amortisation