Multi-side order from one of the largest construction companies in Europe

April 21, 2020

SchahlLED installed almost 600 intelligent lamps at two locations for large sheet steel structures production.

Each lamp is equipped with a complete control system with daylight and presence sensors, radio networking, and data storage.Operating data is monitored and analysed evaluated in a central light management system (SchahlLED Lighting control center). Adjusted can be made also via the control center if required. This also applies for the entire emergency lighting system, which was also installed and is now fully automatically checked and monitored in accordance with the regulations.The installation, for which SchahlLED was also responsible for, was carried out on schedule in close coordination with the plant management during operation -, this worked extremely welland employees are excited according to first customer feedbacks.

The waiting area of Memmingen Airport.

Data at a glanse:

Reductions / amortisation

CO2-emissions p.a. (kg)

> 70%

Electricity consumption p.a.

> 70%

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Payback period

approx. 1 year

Reductions / amortisation