Major project at leading office furniture manufacturer successfully completed

March 15, 2020

SchahlLED equipped the entire production and logistics area as well as workshops and outside areas with wirelessly networked, intelligent, radio controlled LED technology.

For the customer, a hassle-free, low-risk retrofitting during continuous operation was essential to the customer. Further, the company wanted to make sure to get the latest technology to maximise environmental and financial benefits.
Key objectives were the economically maximum possible energy saving and the complete control of the lighting system with central adjustability, monitoring, and evaluation of the lighting system.
SchahlLED replaced 3,400 fluorescent tubes with around 1,000 intelligent LED lamps and other lights tailored to the specific needs.
The installed lamps are equipped with more than 600 integrated control/sensor modules dimming the lights depending on presence and daylight and transmit operating data and receive commands by radio.
Budget and ambitious schedules were met perfectly, the employees are extremely satisfied - and so is the management, who can also look forward to more than 80% savings in operating costs.

The waiting area of Memmingen Airport.

Data at a glanse:

Reductions / amortisation

CO2-emissions p.a. (kg)

> 70%

Electricity consumption p.a.

> 70%

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Payback period

approx. 1 year

Reductions / amortisation