SchahlLED supports reforestation for a green future

February 3, 2021

What started as a gift from our team to management has already become more: a heart project. For every new customer project in the future, we will plant a baobab tree in Kenya to support our vision of a cleaner environment.

For even higher CO2 reduction

„The greatest gift is the one that makes us smile and is the beginning of a long story. A gift that lets the planet breathe, makes it greener and helps people all over the world!“


Why did we choose this particular tree? The special thing is not the appearance, but the effect of the tree: A tree binds 300 kg of CO2 per year and therefore contributes to a better future, so to speak as a complementary product to our intelligent light. We hope that our SchahlLED trees will become a whole SchahlLED forest over the years to achieve not only CO2 savings through our intelligent LED systems but also CO2 reduction through reforestation!

But that‘s not all: The SchahlLED trees help to establish an agroforestry system that benefits the entire environment and the local small farmers on site. We would be delighted if you would also like to participate in this great project and plant a tree of life in exchange for a donation. The longevity of your commitment is also taken care of: your tree has its own profile page and you will receive updates on the project and the local smallholders.


Follow our initiative and donate for a green future:


The waiting area of Memmingen Airport.

Data at a glanse:

Reductions / amortisation

CO2-emissions p.a. (kg)

> 70%

Electricity consumption p.a.

> 70%

TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)


Payback period

approx. 1 year

Reductions / amortisation