SchahlLED is one of the pioneers in the LED field with more than 20 years of development and technology know-how - this competence benefits your sales.

We were also the pioneer for radio networked, intelligently controlled LED systems for the industry - the many hundreds of top references are invaluable assets for your sales activity.

In-depths training – partners from outside the industry are also introduced comprehensively into the business and the product portfolio.

We take of the entire project development, including lighting planning, customer presentation, etc. - you have professional, tailor-made concepts that you can present to your customer.

If required, a manager from SchahlLED will also support you on-site at the customer - and can thus provide you with additional advantages in terms of credibility and customer orientation.

SchahlLED is proud offering a real partnership with its sales partners - we support and are generous in the sense of honest and long-term giving and taking, both in terms of remuneration and in difficult times.

We offer our partners unique access, and support for entering the high growth market of innovative energy efficiency solutions.

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