85 %

64,000 m2

< 3 years

2,000 tons


SchahlLED replaced 1,500 HQL luminaires in the company’s production site in Munich with intelligent lighting system without disturbing ongoing 24/7 production activity.



The KraussMaffei Group is among the world’s leading suppliers of machinery and systems for producing and processing plastics and rubber. With more than ten production sites, cost and energy savings are of key importance to the group.

SchahlLED replaced 1.500 HQL luminaires in the company’s production site in Munich with new and sophisticated intelligent lighting systems without disturbing ongoing 24/7 production activity.

After comprehensive planning, calculation and visualisation of the project, SchahlLED decided for ceiling and side hung intelligent LED luminaires where each luminaire had integrated sensors for daylight and room monitoring. In total, 1.000 LED luminaires were installed.

With SchahlLED’s intelligent lighting solution, Krauss Maffei could reduce its energy costs by around 85% to previous full operation, decreasing its operating expenses significantly with a high return on investment with a paypack period of less than 3 years.

On an area of 64,000 sqm, KraussMaffei’s employees not only benefit from significant improved light quality, but also from enhanced occupational safety. Moreover, the new intelligent lighting system saves KraussMaffei around 2,000 tons of CO2 p.a., corresponding to the planting of 140,000 trees.

" Krauss Maffei’s key factors to choose SchahlLED for this project were smooth project development, quality of lighting units, energy cost reduction, decrease in CO2 emissions "

Mr. Roland Fröhlich, Head of Facility Management, KraussMaffei Group

About KraussMaffei

KraussMaffei Group is a German manufacturer of injection molding machines, machines for plastics extrusion technology, and reaction process machinery. It was acquired by in 2016.